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    [Cần dịch] HOKAGE

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    Konoha có 5 Hokages ( Fire
    Shadow?) since the First Hokage founded the village 60 years before the
    start of the series. The Fifth Hokage is currently still in power. The
    Hokages are generally the strongest shinobi of Konoha; however, as
    there are various extenuating circumstances involved in the selection
    of a Hokage, the one in power may not be the strongest ninja in the
    village. They also act as the leaders of the village.

    Shodaime Hokage

    Tên: Unknown
    Tuổi: ? (deceased)
    Cấp bậc: Hokage
    Cao: 185.1 cm2
    nặng: 74 kg2
    Ngày sinh: ?
    Nhóm máu: ?
    Unique traits: Mokuton (Wood Release) techniques, tailed beast control
    The First Hokage (³õ´ú»ðÓ°, Shodai Hokage?, literally "Founding" or "First
    Hokage") was the founder of Konoha. He was the older brother of the
    Second, and the grandfather of Tsunade, who is currently the Fifth. He
    saw the people of Konoha as a part of him, and put them before anything
    else. His spirit even now takes a firm root in Konoha. His soul was
    sealed in one of the Third Hokage's shadow clones after he was
    resurrected by Orochimaru.

    It is revealed that Orochimaru used his DNA for his own genetic experiments, attempting to duplicate the First's unique Mokuton techniques and his (previously unknown) ability to control tailed beasts. The latter ability is assisted by the necklace that he gave to Tsunade, who subsequently lost it to Naruto in a bet. Only one of the sixty test subjects, Yamato, survived.

    Nidaime Hokage

    Tên: K biết
    Tuổi: ? (deceased)
    Cấp bậc: Hokage
    Cao: 182.3 cm2
    Cấp bậc: 70.5 kg2
    Ngày sinh: ?
    Nhóm máu: ?
    Unique traits: Excelled at water jutsu, did not require a water source to perform them
    Second Hokage ( Nidaime Hokage) was the younger brother of the First
    and Tsunade's grand-uncle. He greatly contributed to Konoha's
    establishment as a major power. He was very proud of his superior
    combat ability, and was especially skillful at water jutsu (to the
    point that he did not require a source of water to perform them). He
    was the teacher of the Third Hokage, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu
    Utatane, and was the one to appoint the Third as his successor. His
    soul was sealed in one of the Third Hokage's shadow clones after
    Orochimaru resurrected him.

    In the Tea Country filler arc, the
    former Konoha Jonin Aoi said that the Second Hokage was also famous for
    wielding the Raijin sword, the blade of which was composed of pure
    energy and could retract into the handle. Aoi's apprentice, Idate
    Morino, stole the sword and gave it to Aoi in the belief that he would
    become a Chunin after doing so. Aoi claimed that the sword made the
    wielder invincible, though this was clearly an overstatement on his
    part. Despite being composed of pure energy, the blade can be cracked
    and broken like a regular sword, which occurs through a combined effort
    between Naruto and Sasuke.

    Sandaime Hokage

    Tuổi 69 (deceased)
    Ngày sinh February 8
    Nhóm máu A
    Màu mắt Gray
    Màu tóc White, originally Brown
    Cao 163.1 cm
    Nặng 50.6 kg
    Họ hàng Konohamaru (Grandson), Asuma Sarutobi (Son)

    A ninja who has achieved the name of Kage, the strongest ninja of a
    Hidden Village, the Third Hokage was the leader of Konohagakure. He was
    mostly referred to as the Third because he was the third of five Konoha
    ninja to gain the title Hokage; his face was also the third face on the
    monument carved on the mountain overlooking Konoha Village. In the
    beginning of the series, he and Iruka Umino were virtually the only
    people in Konoha Village to have any sympathy or liking for Naruto.

    Future Legends: A younger Sarutobi with his students - the young
    Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya.The third was previously the student of
    the First and Second Hokage, and the sensei of Orochimaru, Jiraiya and
    his successor, Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, who are now known as the

    Despite his wisdom, the Third seems to have at least
    some sense of lecherousness to him. In a flashback of Jiraiya's, he was
    quite willing to go with Jiraiya to test out the Transparent Escape
    Technique (invented by Jiraiya for the purpose of voyeurism). Also,
    despite ridiculing it, Naruto's Sexy Technique is shown to be quite
    effective against him. He later saw Naruto's Harem Technique and said
    that it would probably work on him.

    According to the official
    databook his favorite food is dried black seaweed and sardines, and his
    least favorite pickled vegetables. His hobby is talking with young
    girls (another nod to his lecherousness) and his favorite phrase is
    'the ultimate truth'.

    Yondaime Hokage

    Name: Unknown
    Age: ? (deceased)
    Rank: Hokage
    Height: 179.2 cm2
    Weight: 66.1 kg2
    Birthday: January 25
    Nhóm máu: B
    Registration #: ?
    traits: Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, Flying
    Thunder God Technique, Four Symbols Seal, Spiraling Sphere, Summoning
    Technique (Toads)

    The Fourth Hokage was the brave ninja
    responsible for sealing the Demon fox inside Naruto. He is said to be
    the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced and to have ever lived.
    Before he performed the seal, he said that he did not want Naruto to be
    viewed as the container of a monster, but as a hero who saved the
    village from annihilation. This request, however, was not honored by
    the villagers, who still held much resentment for the Demon fox. He was
    a student of Jiraiya along with two other unidentified Genin, and was
    the sensei of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin.

    The Fourth
    shares many similarities with Naruto, including blond hair, blue eyes,
    the same blood type (B), and overall similar personalities as noted by
    Jiraiya (though he also notes that the Fourth was much smarter,
    relatively speaking). Naruto is also noted to be the Fourth's "legacy"
    by Itachi Uchiha. Furthermore, when Jiraiya was trying to force Naruto
    to release his Demon fox chakra, he pushed Naruto off of a cliff,
    saying, "Forgive me, Fourth," as he did so. Beyond these, there are
    several minor comparisons made consistently throughout the series. Any
    hints to his real name, history, or family relations have been
    carefully avoided, making his past one of the bigger mysteries of the
    series. In spite of this it would be safe to assume that the Fourth
    Hokage is in actuallity, Naruto's Father; and failing that, he is at
    least related to Naruto in some manner.

    The Fourth created
    several distinctive techniques, including the Flying Thunder God
    Technique, which essentially allowed him to teleport to any location
    with the use of a special seal. He also created the Rasengan, a
    technique that does not rely on hand seals, but instead uses a
    concentration of spinning chakra in the palm that causes immense damage
    to its victim on contact. Later in the series it is revealed that this
    signature technique is actually incomplete. The Fourth had planned to
    add his own nature manipulation training to the Rasengan, making it
    even more powerful, but couldn't manage to combine the two prior to his

    Godaime Hokage

    Age 51 in Part I
    53 in Part II

    Date of birth August 2
    Blood type B
    Eye color Brown
    Hair color Blonde
    Height 163.1 cm
    Weight 48.9 kg
    Relatives First Hokage (Grandfather, deceased), Second Hokage (Grand-uncle, deceased), Nawaki (younger brother, deceased)

    granddaughter of the First Hokage, grandniece of the Second Hokage, and
    the kunoichi of the Legendary Three Ninja. Who is now also known as the
    Fifth Hokage ( Godaime Hokage). Tsunade is a medic ninja as well as a
    "slug tamer". It should be noted that Tsunade is the first female
    Hokage and the first female Kage seen.

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